Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back in the saddle

Yes, it's time for me to food blog again. It has been such an internal battle. Do I food blog or do I not? Oh the conundrum! But, here I am. Fact of the matter is that I love writing recipes. It thrills me to get a recipe just how I want it. To find the exact ingredient missing that takes it from good to groan. And you know what, it's most often worcestershire sauce that does, in case you were wondering.

What will I blog about? Well, food. Duh. But I will be embarking on a certain project that I am excited about. The food from my childhood. Taking all my food memories from growing up and making them again. So there will be "Childfood" posts. I will also talk about my cookbook, who's release date it around the corner.

So welcome. Let's do this thing. I am excited and can't wait to jump in.

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